About us

Van Beijck

Van Beijck is established in 2009 started importing and selling electric bike conversion kits to private buyers with a webshop named Power-Bike.
Soon we noticed that some thing could be better and started make changes to the motors, controllers displays and software.
In 2012 we found our current motor supplier and started developing a own front and rear ebike motor, the name Van Beijck was born.
When developing the motors we focused on the right hard- and software to control the engine and efficienty.
In 2015 we started a dealernetwork to sell the electric bike conversionkit in the Netherlands and Belgium, we made a growth to 150 dealers at this moment.
For Van Beijck this was the right way for testing the drive systems and conversionkits with bicycle professionals and get the feedback we needed to set the quality.
2016 was the year we found our current partner to build our own sensors, controllers and displays, this was very important this was important to ensure quality and price protection.
At this moment we have finished some nice projects the rehab electric step "Sitgo" and the ice trike "Icebyk".  2017 we finished our own build and designed displays "LYRA" & "DEWI".
For end 2019 we have planned to finish a TFT ebike display and a bluetooth app to setup or change setting in our displays.