The Van Beijck Sine Wave controllers ensures a smooth, silent and highly efficient working system.
All controllers are provided with the best components and can be customized to customer wish.

We can manage to use our system in 3 types:

1    "Fixed speed" in each stage like: (stage 1 = 12km/h - stage 2 = 16km/h) and so on.

2   "Torque sensor simulator" you can drive 25km/h in stage 1, with only 60watts!

3   "Hill stage" based on Torque sensor simulator, when peddaling up hill the systeem gives more power when recognizing you need it, and automatically downgrades the power after the climbing.


Nominal Voltage    : 24v/36v/48v
Power                       : 15A

  • Lightning output
  • Throttle
  • Brake sensor
  • Shift sensor
  • Motor output
  • Pass sensor
  • Speed sensor
  • Display output

Compatabel with the following E-Bike motor brands:

- Thongsheng
- Mxus
- Shenghy